Purbeck Superhome Nears Completion | Swanage

The finishing touches to our Purbeck Superhome are being applied as completion grows closer.

Set within the Purbeck hills, this 5 bedroom dwelling boasts glorious views across the landscape, over the Purbeck Railway and dramatic hillside. The planning process sought to demolish the existing dwelling on site, to be replaced with the new build.

UX Architects decided to opt for a local palette of materials such as Purbeck natural stone, timber cladding, and white render. The landscaping allowed the home to sit comfortably within the site, obscuring it from the local landscape while still providing the client with excellent views.

The dwelling comes equipped with several additional features such as the double garage, gym, office, yoga studio, library and indoor swimming pool.

Throughout the process, we worked with the client to achieve their vision and dream for their home. UX Architects used the latest and most innovative technologies such as VR to give the client a real-time, immersive experience of their project to see their dream come to fruition.

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